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Proxima 100



The Proxima and Proxima Power are Zetor heavy-duty mid-size tractors. They offer an overall heavy design for most demanding professional use, high level of equipment and refined quality of its name brand components, at the price of much lesser competitors.

  • High torque, high efficiency, all-mechanical Zetor's own engines have been known for their reliability, extremely long life and easy servicing.
  • Fully synchronized transmission of the Proxima series with synchronized shuttle has 12 speeds forward and 12 reverse.
  • The Proxima Power series is equipped with 24/24 power shuttle transmission with wet clutch and three-stage power shift. The power shift is controlled by push buttons in the gear shift lever, or automatically based on engine load
  • Independent PTO on Proxima series tractors is operated by a separate mechanical PTO clutch, fully independent from the engine clutch. This simple system engages smoothly and precisely and the operator is always in full control of PTO engagement. Standard on all Proxima tractors is two-speed independent PTO (540/750 rpm), which allows you to run most of the PTO driven implements at much reduced engine speed (approx. 1600 rpm), saving approx. 20% of fuel and reducing engine noise.
  • The Proxima Power series features electro-hydraulic PTO controls and offers three different PTO start up modes to match best the implement demands, so the engagement is quick, but always smooth and gradual.
  • The comfortable cab is well equipped: The loader joystick position is adjustable to suit operator’s needs. On model 120SLi, joystick can be quickly tilted forward to allow unrestricted access to the seat from the right side.
  • The all-new open-center hydraulic system is simple in design, operation and servicing, yet powerful in features.
  • The Zetor three-point hitch offers some of the highest standard capacities of any tractor of comparable horsepower, as much as twice as high as some competitors.
  • The hydraulic pump delivers 14 or 17 gallons per minute just for the three-point hitch and the loader.
  • Three remote valves are standard on all cab models except Proxima 70.
  • The three-point hitch comes either with extendable lower links, or with advanced lower links with hooks, which allow coupling and decoupling implements without leaving the seat.
  • Type: 4-cylinder, 254 cu.in turbocharged diesel, water cooled, wet sleeves
  • Maximum engine horsepower – gross/NET/PTO HP: 100/96/89
  • Rated Speed rpm: 2,200
  • Air compressor capacity psi: 6CFM @ 85
  • Alternator capacity – cab models Volt/Amp: 12 /100
  • Alternator capacity – open station models Volt/Amp: 12/55
  • Battery capacity CCA: 950
  • Fuel tank capacity – cab models gal: 40
  • Fuel tank capacity – open station models gal: 22
  • Oil change & service intervals hours: 500
  • Type: Dual-purpose, 12“, cerametallic lining
  • Clutch control: Hydraulic, self-adjusting
  • Type: Fully synchronized with mechanical shuttle
  • Forward/reverse gears: 12/12
PTO Shaft
  • Type rpm: Independent, 540/1000
  • Ground Speed P.T.O.: Standard
  • Type: Wet disc brake, models with high speed transmission also have wet disc brakes in front axle
  • Service brake control: Hydraulic
  • Type: Hydrostatic
Hydraulic System
  • Type: Open center
  • Flow @ pressure at remotes: 14 gpm @ 2,900 psi (17 gpm optional)
  • Total hydraulic flow gpm: 20 (23 optional)
  • Three-point hitch: Category I - II
  • Function: Position, draft, mixed
  • Lifting force @ end of lower links – cab models lbs.: Cab Models: 9,300 lbs., Open Station Models: 5100 lbs. (7100 lbs. or 9100 lbs.optional)
  • Remote outlets – cab models sets: 3
  • Remote outlets – open station models sets: 1 (3 optional)
Main Dimensions
  • Wheelbase 2WD/4WD in.: NA/89
  • Length in.: 152
  • Minimum width (for rear wheel track 56 in) in.: 73
  • Height with ROPS raised/folded in.: 105/85 (16.9-34); 99/79 (19.5L-24)
  • Height with cab in.: 105 (12.4-24 & 16.9-34); 100 (12.5-18 & 19.5L-24)
  • Ground clearance in.: 22 (2WD); 17 (4WD) (12.4-24 & 16.9-34)
  • Wheel track: 2WD in.: 56 –75 (front); 56–71 (rear)
  • Wheel track: 4WD in.: 59–77 (front); 56 –71 (rear)
  • Turning radius 2WD/4WD ft.: NA /12
  • Weight with cab, w/o weights 4WD (Deduct 500 lbs w/o cab) lbs.: 8,410
  • Tires front: 4WD: 11.2-24; 12.4-24; 13.6R-24; 12.5/80-18 industrial tires
  • Tires rear: 16.9-30; 16.9-34; 18.4R-34; 19.5L-24 industrial tires
Standard Equipment - Open Station Models
  • Horizontal exhaust
  • Differential lock with mechanical engagement
  • Limited slip front differential (4WD models)
  • Two-speed PTO 540/750 (Proxima 70, Proxima 85) or 540/1000 (Proxima 100); Ground speed PTO
  • Telescopic sway bars
  • Telescopic or Euro (hook) - style lower links
  • One set of remote hydraulic outlets
  • Deluxe seat with three-way adjustment and arm rests
  • Folding ROPs
  • Four halogen head lights and one halogen rear work light
  • Tool box
  • Tilt steering wheel
Standard Equipment - Cab Models
  • Air compressor
  • Differential lock and front wheel drive with electric engagement
  • Limited slip front differential (4WD models)
  • Two-speed PTO 540/750 (Proxima 70, Proxima 85) or 540/1000 (Proxima 100)
  • Ground speed PTO
  • Telescopic sway bars
  • Telescopic or Euro (hook)- style lower links
  • One set of remote hydraulic outlets (Proxima 70); Two sets of remote hydraulic outlets (Proxima 85); Three sets of remote hydraulic outlets (Proxima 100); External three-point hitch controls
  • Deluxe seat with three-way adjustment and arm rests
  • Tinted windows
  • Roof window; Front and rear wipers
  • Windshield washer
  • Air conditioning
  • Six front and three rear halogen lights
  • Tool box
  • Tilt/ telescoping steering wheel
  • Front and rear weights
  • Block heater
  • Creeper transmission (cannot be combined with shuttle transmission)
  • Front PTO and front 3point hitch
  • 2nd & 3rd set of remote hydraulic outlets (on models not so equipped as standard equipment)
  • Front fenders
  • Air ride seat
  • Instructional seat (cab models only)
Subject to change. For detailed specifications, contact your dealer.



Engine Manufacturer
Engine Type
4-cylinder, 254 cu.in turbocharged diesel, water cooled, wet sleeves
Gross: 100 hp; Net: 96 hp
89 hp
Rated RPM
2200 rpm


89 in.
ROPS: Raised: 99-105 in.; Cab: 100-105 in.
73 in.
8410 lb.
Ground Clearance
17 in.
Tire Size
Front: 11.2-24; 12.4-24; 13.6R-24; 12.5/80-18; Rear: 16.9-30; 16.9-34; 18.4R-34; 19.5L-24


Fuel Capacity
Cab: 40 gal.; Open Station: 22 gal.
Fully synchronized with mechanical shuttle
Wet disc brake
Type: Open center; Total hydraulic flow: 20 gpm; Optional: 23 gpm
Drive Type

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