2018 Zetor Major HS 80

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Major HS 80



Major HS 80: A better-equipped and more comfortable tractor derived from the Major CL. It meets the requirements of the most demanding customers who seek high reliability, easy operation and low operating costs. You will appreciate its capabilities it is used in combination with a front loader.

ENGINE: The exceptional popularity of Zetor tractors is based on low fuel consumption, high reliability and simple design - these reward the customer not only with low operating costs but also great reliability, and low maintenance and service requirements. 4 Cylinder In-Line Engine, Displacement: 2.9 Liter, High Pressure Common Rail System, Turbo Charge-Air Cooling, Oxidation Catalyst (Doc) Exhaust, After-Treatment System

GEARBOX: Major HS is equipped with a gearbox offering 24 forward speeds and 12 reverse speeds, which is provided by a two-stage torque multiplier (PowerShift) and electro-hydraulic reverser (PowerShuttle). Electro-Hydraulic Reverser, Two-Stage Torque Multiplier, 24/12 Speeds, Maximum Speed 40 Km/H, Minimum Speed From 0.5 Km/H =Suitable For Creeper Gearbox, Operations, 6 Gear Ratios In The Speed Range From 4-12 Km/H, Electro-Hydraulic Control Of Pto Clutch, Pto Speeds Of 540/1000, Ground Speed Or Independent Pto

HYDRAULICS: The Major model employs mechanically regulated hydraulics, featuring not only high lifting capacity but also smooth starting control, including a hydraulic lock function for transporting implements. The Major CL is equipped with one pair, or optionally two pairs of hydraulic quick-couplers at the rear of the tractor, while with the Major HS, up to three pairs of quick couplers can be specified. Mechanical Hydraulics With Position And Force Control, Features High Lifting Capacity, Smooth Starting Control And Hydraulic Lock Function For Implement Transport, The Maximum Lift Capacity Is 24 Kn For The Major Cl And 33 Kn For The Major Hs, Smooth Starting Control, 1 Or 2 Pairs Of Quickcouplers On Major Cl And 2 Or 3 Pairs On Major Hs, Mechanical Control - High Durability And Long Life Hydraulic Lock Function Hydraulics

CAB: The cab is comfortable and designed with regard to practical use. Plenty of space and ergonomically designed controls facilitate the work of the tractor operator. The cab has a glass roof hatch which increases loader visibility and safety when operating the loader at height.

New Major Hs 80: Steering Column With Fully, Adjustable Steering Wheel, Reduced Cab Noise, Spring-Suspended Swivel Driver's Seat With Arm Rests And Higher Backrest, Comfortable Folding Passenger's Seat, Dashboard With Digital Display, Multiple Storage Spaces

  • Stage III B Type: TCD 2.9 L4
  • Homologated Power (kW) (2000/25/EC): 55,4
  • Homologated Power (HP) (2000/25/EC): 75,3
  • Engine design: Diesel, direct fuel injection, common rail, turbocharged, DOC filter
  • Rated Speed (rpm): 2200
  • Number of Cylinders: 4
  • Number of Valves: 8
  • Aspiration: turbocharger
  • Bore/Stroke (mm): 92/110
  • Displacement (cm3): 2925
  • Max. Torque (Nm)(2000/25/EC): 300
  • Torque rise (%) (2000/25/EC): 25
  • Type: 4 mechanical gears with 3 ranges and a 2-stage torque multiplier
  • Reverser: Hydraulic, under load (PowerShuttle)
  • Number of Gears (F/R): 24/12
  • Max.Speed (kph): 40
Hydraulic System
  • Type: Mechanical with regulation
  • Three-Point Hitch: Category II
  • Control: Mechanical
  • Outer circuits (Hydraulic quick couplers): 6+1, 4+1 andĀ 2+1
  • Pump capacity (min-1): 50
  • Type: ground speed / independent
  • Rear PTO Revolutions: 540/1000
  • Control: Electrohydraulic
  • End piece: 6 grooves
  • Front PTO Revolutions (min-1): 1000
  • Rear TPH - lift capacity in lower position of links (kN): 33
  • Rear TPH - lift capacity in the entire range of links (kN): 30
  • Front TPH - lift capacity (kN): 13
  • Roof with view: Standard / protective roof FOPS opt
  • Seat: Seat comfort - swivel and pneumatically suspended
  • Co-driverĀ“s seat: Standard
  • Steering wheel: Tilt and telescopic
  • Air conditioning: Optional
  • Heating: Standard
  • Curb* (kg): 3350
  • Max. front ballast (kg): 466
  • Max. rear wheel ballast (kg): 240
  • Max. length (mm): 4470
  • Max. width (mm): 1955
  • Max. height (mm): 2615
  • Wheelbase (mm): 2200
Other Specifications
  • Drive system: 4WD
  • Steering: Hydrostatic
  • Service brakes: Hydraulically controlled
  • Parking brakes: Mechanically operated
  • Front brakes engaging: Hydraulic with connecting to front axle
  • Trailer brakes: Hydraulic or pneumatic 2 or 2+1 hoses
  • Tank volume (l): 120
  • Mudguards: Pivoting
  • Heated rear window and mirrors: Standard
  • Preparation for radio / radio: Standard / optional
  • Front wheels** (mm): 280/85 R24 adjustable
  • Rear wheels** (mm): 420/85 R30 adjustable



Engine Manufacturer
Engine Type
TCD 2.9 L4
75 HP
Rated RPM
2200 RPM
Bore and Stroke


86.6 in. (2200 mm)
103 in. (2615 mm)
77 in. (1955 mm)
3350 lb.


Fuel System
Diesel, direct fuel injection
Fuel Capacity
120 gal.
Type: 4 mechanical gears with 3 ranges and a 2-stage torque multiplier; Number of Gears: 24/12
Hydraulic with front axle coupling
Type: Mechanical with regulation; Pump Capacity: 50 min-1
Drive Type

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